Stack Tree Studios A fun variant of the classic image sliding game.

A simple yet challenging image sliding puzzle game

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Are you a person who enjoys challenging puzzle games?

If you are one, then Super Simple Slide is the perfect puzzle game for you. In Super Simple Slide, you are given a picture that is sliced and shuffled. Your aim is to make moves by sliding slices of the image near to the empty slot into the empty slot, re-arrange the slices and eventually make the original picture. You win if you re-arrange the slices to the original picture within the allowed number of moves. The lesser number of moves you use, the more stars & coins you earn.

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How To Play

Super Simple Slide starts with easy 3x3 grids. Among them will be one empty slot. Image slices adjacent to the empty slot can be slid into the empty slot. The cell where the original image slice used to be will now be an empty slot. You can repeat this process till you arrive at the original picture in its original form. The number of moves allowed/remaining will be displayed above the grid. The challenge lies in solving the puzzle before the moves run out. Once all slices are in order the last piece will be displayed, showing you the original picture in all its glory.

What makes Super Simple Slide challenging?

Super Simple Slide becomes even more interesting as you progress through the levels. As the level increases, the shuffle count increases which will make the puzzle harder to solve. Also, in higher levels, the grid size too increases to 4x4, 5x5 and so on. Sounds challenging?

While in a game, if the going becomes difficult, there is always the "View" button that you can use to take a peek at the original image.

Are you ready to test your puzzle-solving skills? Let’s start!

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